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 religiometr - very interesting (translated)

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PostSubject: religiometr - very interesting (translated)   religiometr - very interesting (translated) Icon_minitime2007-08-05, 7:07 pm

Here is the scale:

Judaism: _________%

Buddism: ____________%

Agnosticism: _________%

Atheism: ______________%

Christianity: ________%

Satanism: ____________%

Islam: _______________%

Paganism: ___________%

Induism: _____________%

from the same very article: Majority of satanists do not kill cats and do not plunder graves, besides they do not believe in the Satan as the person existence. The Philosophy of satanism usually is concentrated on the apgrade of the human being, but not on the dedication to any sort of divinity. Satanists do not accept moral laws which are considered to be given to us from on high
now my answer:

Judaism: 30%

Buddism: 80%

Agnosticysm: 90%

Atheism: 10%

Christianity: 70%

Satanism: 40%

Islam: 30%

Paganism: 70%

Induism: 40%

what have you got on the scale?

May The Force Be With You!
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religiometr - very interesting (translated)
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