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 The Greatest men in Cinematography

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PostSubject: The Greatest men in Cinematography   The Greatest men in Cinematography Icon_minitime2007-07-18, 5:26 pm

Who was or stil is one of the greatest in the cinema?
You can make the top list of your own. And I would appreciate the explanations too.

My top chart is:
1 - George Lucas - he has made a lot of different kinds of small inventions into special effects sphere that are still being used.
2 - Lumier brothers - that is not because I think their invention was not sufficiant - I just cannot betray G. L. but they must have the first place in this top chart - because they were those guys who created cinema.
3 - Alexander Dovzhenko - it is absolutely not because he is my country man - that is because of his diaries that I once read. He was the first in the chronology to think of what was done by Spielberg in his Saving Private Ryan after more that 30 years from the death of Dovzhenko - he wrote about the style of shooting that makes you feel that there is no hero of the moment - only the chronicles of death in the war. I suppose Spielberg once read these diearies.
4 - Great comic actors or the silent movie times - I mean all of them like Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and others. THey have done more to stunt direction than any of us can imagine these days. I admire their works 'cause I cannot even imagine how prescize they are and how dangerous they are and that was all made just to entertain public. Today's stunt directors use those stunts technologies even today.

that is only frou of the best. But I think they are the greatest.

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The Greatest men in Cinematography
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