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 Eugiptian mumification question

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how was the brain removed from the body 4 mumification?
* the sculp was removed and the brain was easily taken out.
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* a drying ingregients were put to the brain through nostrills and after the brain is dry it became small and could be removed from the back of the sculp.
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* a sort of tool resembling to mixer was pulled to the brain through nostrils then the brain blended and easily remobed 'cause it was liquid and could leak out of the head through nostrils.
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* the brain was taken out through the throat canals by cutting them and pulling it out.
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* I think it was the other way.
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PostSubject: Eugiptian mumification question   2007-06-15, 8:08 am

there was a TV program about the ancient history of Eugipt once and ho to mumificate process was shown there - that was rather interesting to me.
So I realised that before mumificating the body it should be empty of organs that may cause rotting - such as liver, herat, brain, guts, kidneys and etc.
The most interesting part of the program was on how to remove the brain from th dead body..................

so therefore I suggest a sort of questioning and dispute for you - of course if you know how was in done for sure you can reply here too..... that is not just to boast.
in one of the poll suggestions I will give the answer that I know.
May be you know some other theories about that. But what I know for sure that way was just the way our professors on ancient history told us about too.

May The Force Be With You!
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Eugiptian mumification question
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