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 Ukraine in the World

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PostSubject: Ukraine in the World   Ukraine in the World Icon_minitime2007-06-12, 7:56 am

This thread is for those who wanna share some information about Ukrainian situation on the World arena - possibilities and troubles which may appear on the idea of Ukraines integration into the world community:

here is the forst idea:
EU membership a possible long-term prospect for a reformed, democratic Ukraine
EU membership is a possible long-term prospect for a reformed, democratic Ukraine, says an own-initiative report adopted by the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday. The report calls on Ukraine's politicians to resolve the current crisis peacefully, unravel political from economic powers, weed out corruption and ensure an independent judiciary, as well as further integrating Ukraine's energy markets with those of the European Union.

The committee welcomes the Council's decision to open negotiations on a new agreement with Ukraine, but nonetheless believes that "the negotiations should lead to the conclusion of an Association Agreement that would allow Ukraine to use its mechanisms for further deepening of integration with the EU and to prepare the next steps for fulfilment of Ukraine's European aspirations, aimed in the long term at attainment of EU membership."

Reform is the key to stabilisation

On the other hand, MEPs in the committee also express their disquiet about current political tensions. They say that "before the negotiations are concluded and a new, closer relationship between the EU and Ukraine is established, the current crisis has to be peacefully resolved, the system of checks and balances restored and the enforcement of the rule of law ensured." In particular, the report notes that "the key to the stabilisation of Ukraine lies in unravelling political from economic powers, weeding out corruption and ensuring an independent judiciary."

Energy issues

The report also urges Ukraine to comply fully with market economy and transparency principles in the energy sector. MEPs urged faster procedures for nuclear safety evaluations, a diversification of energy resources, and an overall effort to raise energy efficiency in Ukraine, which lags behind most other countries in the world.

The committee adopted the report, by Michal Kaminski (UEN, PL), with 54 votes in favour, 4 against and 1 abstention.

Committee on Foreign Affairs
Chair : Jacek Saryusz-Wolski (EPP-ED, PL)
Procedure: Own-initiative report
Plenary vote: July, Strasbourg

May The Force Be With You!
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Ukraine in the World
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